What to Take to Practice

Practice swim suit
Chlorine is hard on fabric and meet suits are too snug for comfortable practicing. Remember to rinse your suit after practice and hang it up to dry!

Towels are needed not only to dry off but to sit on or lay onduring dryland. Please bring your towel on deck with you.

Goggles come in various styles and swimmers may have to try or have several pairs before they find that perfect fit. Once this happens, buy several pairs and mark the swimmer’s name on them.

Caps for long hair are a must; we highly recommend a cap for everyone in the pool. The chemicals are not kind to hair and hair clogs the pool filters. All meet swimmers are required to wear a team cap (male and female swimmers alike).

Tennis Shoes
Tennis shoes will be needed for dryland practice throughout the various swim seasons. Please be prepared with proper shoes.

Lockers are available and sometimes more convenient to leave your items instead of bringing them to and fro (you are less likely to forget an item at home this way!) Swim suits can be rinsed and hung outside of the locker to air dry using the padlock

Water bottle
Each swimmer is required to have a water bottle for them at all times. They can have a squeezable bottle in their locker to fill at the drinking fountain and reused at each practice. This is to keep the swimmers properly hydrated.

Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner
Pool chemicals sometimes leave the skin and hair dry. We recommend swimmers wash their hair after practice. Lotions are good to use on the skin. A good wash and rinse helps prevent chlorine build up and drying of the skin and hair. We also emphasize the importance of prompt entrance and exit of the locker rooms before and after dressing. Horsing around may lead to serious injury and disturbing the personal property of another WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

Lost and Found is located in the MSSC Pool office- please be sure to check it out from time to time. The team is not responsible for lost items.