Meet Policies

If the swimmer owns a team suit it is to be worn at ALL meets unless authorized by the
Head Coach. Special cases will be made in correlation with technical suits and
Championship meets.

All events will be chosen by the Head Coach and can be contested
prior to the meet entry deadline by the parents or the swimmer. Such contesting needs to
be done in a dignified and respectful manner. The Head Coach has the final say in meet
events but the swimmer/parent input will be taken accordingly.

Some of the most exciting competitions in the sport of swimming are the relay events.
There are two main types of relays–freestyle races in which four swimmers all swim the
same distance of the freestyle, and medley relays in which four swimmers each swim the
same distance of one of the four competitive strokes. The order of strokes for a medley
relay is the backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle. At times, it can be difficult for coaches to determine which athletes will participate in a
relay. In addition, it can be a frustration for swimmers and parents who may not agree with
the decision of the Coach. Adding to this difficulty and frustration is the fact that swimmers
from younger age groups can “age-up” or swim relays in age divisions for older swimmers.
There actually may be times when the appropriate course of action is to age-up a younger
swimmer who is more proficient than a swimmer in the older category. The MSSC Coaching Staff recognizes that relay participation can be a touchy issue at times.

In light of this realization, the team has set down the following policies.
1. The Head Coach shall make all relay decisions.
2. If a swimmer or parent wishes to question the decision of the Head Coach, they must do so in an appropriate manner.
3. If a parent or swimmer does question the decision of the Head Coach, the swimmer or parent has a right to an explanation from the Head Coach. The swimmer or parent may bring to light information that may change the decision.
4. Swimmers will be expected to swim in their assigned relays.
5. Swimmers who refuse to swim their assigned relays will be scratched from the remainder of their individual events for the meet. If the swimmer has completed their final
individual event, the swimmer shall be suspended from the next meet they plan to attend.
6. Relay fees are divided equally among all four relay participants. Because meet fees are not refundable, the board has established a specific policy regarding relay fees. Please see the Financial Policies page in the parent handbook for this policy.

Typically, the policy of the team will be that the fastest four swimmers will swim at high level (e.g. championship) meets. During the season, the coaches may experiment with
different lineups.